Domo® Ultimate is the absolute flagship in the Domo® Sport Grass hockey range. Featuring our innovative Aqua Saving System, this pitch offers unparalleled playing comfort. The unique PA/ ASBF fibre combination (patent pending) ensures self-regulating moisture control. The result? Exceptionally fast and consistent ball roll, supplemented with unprecedented technical play characteristics. And that’s not all, because Domo® Ultimate also excels in durability due to its extremely low water consumption.

The unique Aqua Saving System holds the water longer in the fibres. As a result, less sprinkling is required, allowing substantial water savings to be achieved. This benefits not only you, but also the environment.

In the world of hockey, the Aqua Saving System ensures pioneering technical play characteristics and excellent playing comfort: it perfectly absorbs every player and ball movement and allows for maximum agility. In addition, it further enhances the extremely fast ball roll that is typical of a water pitch. Domo® Ultimate is the ideal hockey surface and meets the most stringent requirements of top professional players.

Aqua Saving System: revolutionary!

The unique Aqua Saving System enables the pitch to autonomously control its moisture content. The pitch remains optimally moist throughout the game, regardless of the weather conditions. The combination with the unique PA/ASBF (patent pending) holds the water longer in the fibre and thereby drastically reduces water consumption.



- top-of-the-line water pitch for professional top level
- autonomously regulates the moisture content
- lower water consumption


FIH Global certificate

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