Multi Sports pitches are extremely practical for boroughs, schools, hotels, universities and health centres, which have to satisfy as many users as possible in a flexible and hassle-free manner. They also encourage a broad range of sport and leisure activities by virtue of their multifunctional nature.


  1. Saves space and money: one single pitch for a variety of sports such as football, hockey, tennis, volleyball, korfball, badminton and golf
  2. Encourages the development of various sporting activities
  3. Suitable for team sports and individual use
  4. Can be played on all year round
  5. Quick draining and drying
  6. Top quality: very hard-wearing and dimensionally stable with a secure surface
  7. Minimal maintenance required
  8. Built-in markings always perfectly visible
  9. Possibility of designing your own pitch in a variety of colours
  10. Quality guaranteed by independent test laboratories

Perfect ball control due to:

  • The high density of the grass surface
  • Multi-directional nature of the grass fibre
Domo® Smash

Domo® Smash

Domo® Smash is a sand-filled grass surface. This very hard-wearing and dimensionally stable grass provides a secure playing surface for schools, boroughs and sports centres.

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Domo® Allround

Domo® Allround

Domo® Allround is a half sand-filled grass surface produced with a texturized, multi-directional grass fibre. The perfect even terrain for fast-moving sports whatever the weather.

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Maintenance and installation

Maintenance And Installation