Total Quality Management

Domo® Sports Grass guarantees the quality of every sports field. In order to maximise customer satisfaction, we strive to meet the highest quality standards.

The entire value chain is monitored continuously under the supervision of our TQM manager and the in-house laboratory.

The entire creation, manufacturing and delivery process of each and every artificial grass product is thoroughly followed up, from the entry of the raw materials to the final delivery of the sports field.

ISO 9001 certificate

IN-HOUSE quality laboratory

Domo® Sports Grass has its very own quality control and performance control laboratory.

EVERY grass production is checked against several parameters to ensure the best possible quality. Not only are the product parameters checked, but also the performance parameters such as wear resistance, performance in warm and cold temperatures, shock absorption, energy restitution of the system and more.

Co-operation with independent laboratories and universities

Domo® Sports Grass works with laboratories across the whole of Europe to test their artificial grass systems for several sports in the lab and on the field. Some of these independent laboratories are Labosport, ERCAT, Sports Labs, ISA, Byggforsk, FMPA.

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